Antje Majewski


No School Today
D/CHN, 2005, colour, video, 10 min., engl. subtitles

D, 2007, colour, video, 78 min., German with engl. Subtitles

Erde Asphalt Wedding
D, 2007, colour, video, 9 min., without dialog



Antje Majewski was born 1968 in Marl/ Germany, she lives in Berlin and Himmelpfort. She is an artist who works with painting, video, texts, and performances to explore anthropological and philosophical questions. Her recent work focuses on questioning objects, territories and plants, and exploring alternative knowledge systems and storytelling as well as the possibility of transformative processes. She studied art history, history and philosophy in Cologne, Berlin, and Florence from 1987 to 1995, and has been professor of painting at Muthesius Kunsthochschule in Kiel, Germany since 2011. Majewski often collaborates with other artists and ecological and urban groups, and has also curated exhibitions.