Starlings, Monkeys and Horses. Films by Karl Kels, Anja Dornieden & Juan Gonzalez Monroy, Anna Fiedler // Videoauto. Installation by Karl Kels


Bar Babette, Berlin
29/7 2018 9pm

Haystacks Karl Kels
Starlings Karl Kels
the Masked monkeys Anja Dornieden & Juan Gonzalez Monroy
Dylan & Steps, Anto & Bonny Anna Fiedler

single screen installation
Videoauto Karl Kels

Rencontres International Paris Berlin // Screening Franzosensand by Bettina Nürnberg & Dirk Peuker


Screening Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, F, March
19/3 2017 4pm

in programme „History. Part 1 – Confrontations“

Notations of Movement // Films by Jim Finn, Karl Kels, Rainer Komers, Antje Majewski, Kenji Ouellet

in collaboration with the project and exhibition space MEMPHIS

Moviemento Cinema, Linz, AT
21/2 2017 8pm

The films in this program speak of the potency of silent eruptions. In various ways they observe political, societal or formal systems, reflect on them and unsettle them to their foundations.

I am One Kenji Ouellet
Chums from across the void Jim Finn
No school today Antje Majewski
Haystacks Karl Kels
Kobe Rainer Komers

curated by Bettina Nürnberg